About Brick’R’knowledge

Brick’R‘knowledge is a flexible, arbitrarily expandable electronic system to learn and teach, experiment and develop. The special thing about our electronic sets is that the individual bricks are connected via a plug system. This way, you can quickly realize even complex circuits. In addition, you can plug the bricks in different angles. Each brick includes two contacts containing ground.
Furthermore, you can easily explain and document each circuit. As the system is based on open source you can develop your own bricks and create your own experiments. Brick’R’knowledge is ideally suitable for prototyping and can be used in schools, vocational training and universities. We would also like to invite all makers among you to get to know our bricks.

Each of our sets includes a manual with helpful explanations about the bricks and with experiments in easy steps and with clear graphics and images.

The Brick’R’knowledge sets are ideally suited for building technical experiments, conveying teaching content and developing innovations in the electro technical field.

At a glance: Advantages of Brick’R‘knowledge

  • Uncomplicated exchange of bricks and change of circuits by connecting the bricks.
  • Easy documentation and sharing of the correct circuit diagram by taking pictures of the circuit.
  • Robust and stable plug system due to plastic cases that can be opened and hermaphrodite connectors with four poles that also provide 3D constructions
  • Compact circuits due to return of ground
  • Didactically prepared manuals and new projects and ideas via a growing community every day